3 Reasons You Should Choose A Vacation Villa In Manuel Antonio Over A Hotel

With its perfect location, beautiful beaches, wonderful climate, pulsating nightlife and deluxe restaurants, Manuel Antonio is the ideal destination to select for your upcoming vacation escape. A lot of people prefer to accommodate in hotels for their vacation because it is what they are acquainted with, but we at CR Vacation Properties, thought we would let you know why it is wise to rent a villa in Manuel Antonio. So, let’s explore!

Villa in Manuel Antonio

Villas provide you with a degree of solitude that hotels simply cannot match. Rather than dwelling within just one room, in a Manuel Antonio villa, you have the luxury of an entire home to spend your vacation with full freedom. With a rental villa, you have the liberty to come & go as you’d like, without worrying about disturbing anybody or bear the noisy neighbor in a hotel apartment next door. Private rental villas enable you to relax as the way you want, as you’d do in your home comfort. Our villas at CR Vacation Properties provide you the privacy you are looking for with added advantages of a convenient location where you get to enjoy the beaches & fabulous restaurants.

A villa gives you the luxury of adequate space which is not the case in hotels. You and your family or friends can spread out across many rooms without feeling confined. Everybody can relish their own private space & privacy. You are also allowed to relish your precious time with each other in wonderfully spacious verandas, living rooms, and patios that are tough to get in hotels. Each single villa of CR Vacation Properties offer a spacious living & dining area and also an outdoor patio where you get to spend time with your family or loved ones.

Authentic experience:
With a private villa in Manuel Antonio you will get the experience of authentic Costa Rica. All our villas provide a slice of authentic Costa Rica life that can’t be found in a hotel. Each villa we offer is designed in traditional Costa Rica style, with a distinctive character that provides you a memorable vacation experience. Just visualize opening the windows every morning to a lovely ocean or jungle views, and relishing coffee on the patio with possible monkey, sloth or toucan visits.

Villa in Manuel Antonio

With such a great number of flexibilities, villas actually offer you a much better vacation compared to a hotel stay. Our villas are a great option if you are going to be with a group of friends or family and have the ability to arrange a large party during your vacation. All of our Manuel Antonio villas are privately owned and maintained wonderfully to give you the vacation stay of a lifetime.

So, don’t be too late! For affordable Manuel Antonio villa rentals, feel free to call CR Vacation Properties at 011-506-7173-9192.