Three Off-The-Beaten-Path Things to Explore In Manuel Antonio

With a stunning beach, lush rainforest, and abundance wildlife, it’s no surprise that Manuel Antonio is a favorite among travelers worldwide. The abundant availability of rental properties in Manuel Antonio is also making it a popular tourist destination for seasoned travelers. Though part of Manuel Antonio’s attraction is how expedient it is to activities & tourist facilities, the excitement is sometimes off – the – beaten – path. Fortunately, there’re a great number of excurions to accomplish only a short distance from the town and the tours pick you up right at your Vacation Villa. Below I’ve shared a few off-the-beaten-path things to do in Manuel Antonio. So, let’s explore:

Rainmaker Conservation Park:

No doubt Manuel Antonio National Park is a great place to witness wildlife, but it can get overloaded with tourists during the peak season. If you are in search of something more authentic, take into account Rainmaker Conservation Park which’s a 5,000 reserve positioned just north of Quepos & Manuel Antonio. The reserve consists of a good-looking trail that loops past many waterfalls and rustic hanging bridges. Rainmaker is predominantly a rainforest, so it doesn’t possess as many monkeys as Manuel Antonio, but it does posses lots of other fascinating wildlife such as poison dart frogs, glass-winged butterflies, plenty of birds and deadly snakes as well.

Los Campesions:

For those looking for an even further off-the-beaten-path activity, Los Campesinos is the best place to take into account. It’s recognized as a way to see the “real Costa Rica” as you travel through local towns to the top of the rainforest. The best way to get there is with Vacation Buggy where you will travel in open Safari type custom Jeeps with top raited guides who will point out different specieces of wildlife and incredible waterfalls. On the way, you will pass through fascinating Tico villages and intermingle with the locals to know their culture. The drive is a little more adventure along uneven and sometimes vertical roughroads but the custom jeeps were designed for this tourain, but absolutely merit the effort. As soon as you arrive here, you will see the village, walk over a 400 foot suspention bridge, hike to a great swimming whole and then to top it off you will go below the falls where 6 waterfalls converge and you can stand underneath to get a “natural massage”. This is one of the most popular excursions in Manuel Antonio so be sure to reserve early.

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Playa Biesanz:

Everybody who tours Manuel Antonio explores the most important beach, Playa Espadilla, but there is another little known spot that merit a trip. Playa Biesanz is a profound bay with luminous turquoise water and tranquil woodland surroundings, typically daily monkey visits and very calm water. It is a darling beach amongst the natives, and on weekends, you are expected to see households amassed for the day with bags full of foods, beach chairs and possibly cocktails. The greatest part regarding Playa Biesanz is that, whilst most of the Manuel Antonio beaches have rougher water, Playa Biesanz has tranquil water that is ideal for swimming. This makes it an excellent destination to bring kids.


Manuel Antonio may be well-known for its stunning beach, namesake park, and plenty of tours, but there’re an abundance of off-the-beaten-path things to enjoy in this area. Each of these above mentioned activities is certain to offer you a flavor of the genuine Costa Rica.

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