Top Ten Reasons to Visit Manuel Antonio

manuel antonio beach

Manuel Antonio is a hub of activity on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The area has quickly gained popularity for all of the activities and natural beauty it has to offer. Here is a list of the top ten reasons to visit Manuel Antonio…

1. One of the top 12 National Parks in the World -“Forbes Magazine” Manuel Antonio is home to the smallest national park in Costa Rica, but one which packs a punch for its size. The park boasts tropical rainforest, rocky headlands, white sand beaches and coves- all home to diverse flora, fauna, animals and insects. Often sighted are squirrel monkeys, white faced monkeys, sloths, toucans, iguanas and many other excotic animals. Intelligible guides are at the ready to share with you all that the park and has to offer. Tourists, locals, beachgoers, hikers, snorkelers, kayakers, nature enthusiasts and environmentalists alike are drawn to this natural playground and haven.

2. One of the Nicest Beaches in Central America – “Trip Advisor” Playa Manuel Antonio within the Manuel Antonio National Park, has been classified as one of the world’s top 25 beaches according to Tripadvisor. White sand and palms surrounding the calm clear waters of the cove transport you from the jungle of Costa Rica to a Caribbean paradise in a pinch, defying the laws of physics. Take your family beach photo here and work on your dazzling “tico tan.” It would be a shame to miss a visit to this slice of paradise.

3. 24 of 27 activities in Costa Rica are available in Manuel Antonio The options are endless or so it seems. Manuel Antonio is a hub of variety when it comes to activities and tours in Costa Rica. Grab your pen and paper to prioritize your favorites, many of us living here are still working on our list! Eco tours, jungle buggy adventures, canyoning, world famous beaches, Manuel Antonio National Park, ATV tours, zipline & aerial adventure, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboard, mangrove tours, jet ski, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba, spas, deep sea fishing, dolphin & whale watching, yoga, nature tours, parasailing – activities are abundant for all ages and desires!

4. World Annual Fishing competition hosted in our neighbor town of Quepos Our world-class marina is a draw for fishermen and women from all over the globe. The 16th Annual Offshore World Championship 2015 took place in April just off the shores of Quepos, setting a new Billfish release record of 2,492 in 3 days! Enough said.

5. One of Central Americas top Wedding Destinations Here in Manuel Antonio you get the best of both worlds. With 5 star accommodations available, fantastic restaurants, and many english speaking locals you have the comfort of a first-world feel if you so choose, making it easy to plan your destination wedding. Hop a 10 minute taxi to Quepos and you’ll experience more “Tico” or local culture. Traditional soda restaurants, dancing, music and little tiendas.

6. Home to 3 types of monkeys and two types of sloths Daily, you can hear the call of the howler monkeys (second loudest land mammal in the world) – a cross between George Lucas’s Chewbacca and the best guard dog you’ve had the fortune of coming across. You’ll also see white faced capuchin monkeys and “Titi” squirrel monkeys jumping limb to limb. Harder to spot, but ever present are the two and three-toed sloths high in the trees. These slow moving mammals climb down once a week (to go to the bathroom) and sometimes, stopping traffic to cross the road. One these occasions, it’s best to let the locals handle it as they are accustomed to sloth-saving techniques.

7. Incredible accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment Manuel Antonio boasts over 300 accommodation options from the backpackers hostel to 5 star hotels and everything in-between to fit your budget or taste. Dining options are also plentiful with traditional sodas, pizza, Chinese food, Italian food, tapas bars, burgers and fries, seafood restaurants, and coffee shops. For entertainment live music, casino, sports bars, martini bars and dancing are a few of the local favorites.

8. Incredible sunsets You can always count on a gorgeous sunset in Manuel Antonio. Clouds or no clouds, the sky lights up every evening in hues of orange, pink, reds, and purples – casting a soft golden glow across the landscape.

9. Known as the “Beverly Hills” of Costa Rica Manuel Antonio is on the map as one of the most highly visited spots and Costa Rica for good reason. The area is flourishing, businesses booming, and brimming with beauty… thus is often nicknamed the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica.

10. Beautiful people Costa Rica has been ranked number 1 according to the Happy Planet Index. This measures how 151 countries rank in terms of life expectancy, experienced well-being, and ecological footprint. However, you don’t need a score to tell you that. You can see vibrancy and joy on the faces of the beautiful locals that greet you with a simple and welcoming “Pura Vida.”