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Welcome to CR Vacation Properties, your trusted partner for exceptional property management in Manuel Antonio. Specializing in luxury villas and exclusive estates, we offer comprehensive services tailored to maximize your investment and ensure the finest experience for your guests.

At CR Vacation Properties, we understand that every property is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. That's why we offer tailored property management solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of your luxury estate in Manuel Antonio. Our personalized approach ensures that every aspect of your property management is handled with precision and care.

Our extensive network of local vendors and service providers means your property is cared for by the best in the business. We coordinate everything from cleaning and maintenance to emergency repairs, ensuring high standards and swift responses.

By choosing CR Vacation Properties for your property management needs, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a partner dedicated to the success and longevity of your luxury rental in Manuel Antonio.

Why you'll enjoy our property management services

Tailored Property Management Solutions
Marketing and Visibility for Your Property
Comprehensive Maintenance and Upkeep
Transparent and Open Communication
Quality Assurance and High Standards
Local Expertise, Global Standards
Seamless Check-In and Hospitality
Proven Track Record of Success
Vendor and Service Coordination
Unmatched Local Expertise

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The Pools of Parador

5 different swim and relaxing experiences. Main pool for families and all guests with splash zone and La Panga swim up bar. Adult only pools located a few meters away as well as more private swim spots and a hot tub located in our Suites building.

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Eat Drink Be Merry

Savor a culinary journey across our diverse restaurants, blending local flavors with international finesse. Set against Costa Rica's stunning backdrop, indulge in fresh, farm-to-table delights, expertly curated wine selections, and breathtaking views. An unparalleled dining experience awaits, making every meal a memorable occasion.
Step Inside

Great Hike Day or Night
Monkey Trail

Discover the Monkey Trail by day or the mysteries of our Night Hikes. Encounter monkeys, sloths, fireflies, and toads. Experience Costa Rica's rich ecosystem at its finest at Parador.
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Biesanz Beach

Only a few meters away is Biesanz beach. The perfect place for snorkeling, kayaking or just soaking up some sunshine and pura vida beach vibes.

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Putt for Birdie
Miniature Golf

Experience family fun by playing mini-golf in our central gardens. This playful feature offers an enjoyable and competitive activity for all ages. Navigate through imaginative courses, fostering team spirit and creating lasting memories. It's an exciting way to engage with loved ones amidst the beautiful gardens of our resort. Perfect for everyone in the family!

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Game set and match
Tennis Court

Challenge yourself on our pristine tennis court, set amidst Costa Rica's lush backdrop. Whether you're perfecting your serve or playing a friendly match, enjoy a blend of sport and nature, with modern facilities ensuring a premium experience for both novice players and seasoned pros.

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Kids just wanna have fun
Toddler Playroom

Discover our specially designed Toddlers' Playroom, a haven of fun and imagination for our youngest guests. Filled with vibrant, age-appropriate toys and activities, it's a safe space where little ones can explore, play, and make new friends.
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Work it out
Fitness Center

Utilize our new equipment including Life Fitness treadmills and step machines along with free weights and plenty of space for warm up stretches or yoga if you wish.

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